July FUN !!! 
As EASY as 1 - 2 - 3 !!!





1. Wed. July 13, 2011 @ The Texas Theatre 231 W. Jefferson Blvd.





with Special Guest: RAYLAND BAXTER

In some ways, music doesn’t get much more modest or minimalist than it is in the hands of The Civil Wars, a duo comprised of California-to- Nashville transplant Joy Williams and her Alabaman partner, John Paul White. They travel without a backup band, and on their first full- length album, Barton Hollow, the bare-bones live arrangements that fans hear on the road are fleshed out with just the barest of acoustic accoutrements. Each song is an intimate conversation, and no third wheels or dinner-party chatter are going to interrupt that gorgeous, haunting hush. If it looks like The Civil Wars’ appeal might cast a net that extends well beyond the typical audience for acoustically based music, that may be due to the inherent sensibilities Williams and White bring to their collaboration, which are quite disparate, if not necessarily warring. Both were gigging and recording on their own prior to teaming up a year and a half ago, neither solo career quite suggesting what their conjoined sound would turn out to be.


DOORS: 7PM   SHOW 8PM  ~ Tickets: $18 Advance  $20 At the door.

THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT. Thank you Dallas!!!






2. Friday, July 22, 2011 @ Club DaDa 2720 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75226





with Special Guests: THOUSANDS


Ben Sollee wants you to experience all the beauty and banality that life has to offer. It’s a serious request, and his enthusiasm is genuine. Armed with a cello, Sollee is canvassing the country, sometimes by bicycle, imploring folks to rediscover the connections between music, art, film, dance, their community, and personal relationships. In 2010, Ben collaborated with fellow Kentuckians Daniel Martin Moore and My Morning Jacket front-man Yim Yames on the Sub Pop released Dear Companion. The album explored Ben’s desire to use musical encounters as a catalyst to inspire environmental stewardship. “I never expect to see that cello in one piece after Ben gets done playing it,” says Yim Yames. “He bows and beats and works it over with a passionate fury rarely seen. Don’t get me wrong – he can play it and hold his own with the most schooled and delicate scholars out there, but more importantly, Ben makes it live.” Later, Ben embarked on the “Ditch The Van Tour.” Ben and band abandoned the comforts of a motorized vehicle and hauled their gear and instruments (the cello too) across the country on bicycles. Ben’s mission was to engage a greater sense of community involvement at every performance. Ben Sollee is not satisfied with just being a musician. It is absolutely paramount to him to incorporate collaborations, regardless of age or credentials, in his personal and professional life. “I’m such a mutt myself, biologically and socially, that it just makes sense to express that as my pedigree. In the end, that’s what folk music is all about; each of us telling our own story.”

DOORS: 7PM   EARLY SHOW 8PM  ~ Tickets: $12 Advance  $12 At the door.


ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE NOW at www.frontgatetickets.com


and at the Historic 100 Years Old






3. Sat., July 30, 2011 @ Sons of Hermann 3414 Elm St. Deep Ellum



with Special Guests: The KING BUCKS



Following years in The Palladins, and later the Hacienda Brothers featuring the late, great Chris Gaffney, Tuscon Guitar Slinger Dave Gonzales joined forces with Mike Barfield, aka the Tyrant of Funk, to form the all-new Stone River Boys. After tearing it up in the Lone Star State and across the country for nearly 2 years, Austin's STONE RIVER BOYS have released their debut album, Love On The Dial via Northhampton, Mass.-based Cow Island Music. With Dallas' own Kings of Country, The KING BUCKS.



DOORS: 7PM   SHOW 9PM  ~ Tickets: $15 Advance  $20 At the door.



ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE at http://www.goldteethmusic.com



We are looking forward to a LONG, PROSPEROUS and FUN! relationship with ALL of these wonderful, Classic Dallas establishments and encourage your support and patronage.

Our Town, our Music Scene, our Culture ... DEPENDS on YOU and Your Support. GO OUT & SEE SOME LIVE MUSIC THIS WEEK!





to the

AllGood Cafe





Friday, July 15 - SERYN


Seryn is a 5-piece band who calls Denton, TX their home. When listening to the well layered textures of guitars, ukulele, accordian, bass, viola, and various percussion, it's hard to imagine This Is Where We Are is the band's debut effort. The band's strength resides in their vast musical talent and understanding of dynamics. Their beauty is gracefully displayed through chilling harmonies. Each member and their voice carry the same importance. One is not complete without the other. It is in this craft that the young band shines so bright. It has earned them a sound that isn't easily defined, but still proves triumphant.

DOORS: 5PM   SHOW 9PM  ~ Tickets: $10 At the door.


Saturday, July 16 - SCOTT MILLER


with Special Guest: ROSS GARLOW

Many of you first saw Scott Miller as a vital part of Knoxville-based The V-Roys, or maybe first saw him storm the country with Scott Miller & The Commonwealth ... either way, you know him as a first-class songwriter, storyteller and hard-rockin' singer. Come check out his latest !!!

DOORS: 5PM   SHOW 9PM  ~ Tickets: $12 Advance $15 At the door.




Friday, July 22 - KRISTY KRUGER

Dallas' own darling singer-songwriter has relocated to the Rocky Mountains for the summer, but will be back in Texas for a few select performances, including this one. DON'T MISS IT !!!

DOORS: 5PM   SHOW 8PM  ~ NO COVER ! Pay What You Can.





Something tells me THIS is going to be a Very Special Night !!!

DOORS: 5PM   SHOW 8PM  ~ NO COVER ! Pay What You Can.





Thursday, July 28 - The ORIGINAL AllGood Cafe SONG-SWAP !!!

with Special Guest: "The Maestro" DON CENTO

DOORS: 5PM   SHOW 8PM  ~ NO COVER ! Pay What You Can.





Saturday, July 30 - "Sittin' In ... with" DAVE BURRIS

These shows are always special - with special guests, special music and this one's even MORE SPECIAL because it's DAVE'S BIRTHDAY !!! Come help him celebrate !!!


DOORS: 5PM   SHOW 8PM  ~ NO COVER ! Pay What You Can.





are available thru Front Gate Tickets, online at www.frontgatetickets.com

Tickets may be purchased locally at GOOD Records on Greenville Ave., and at Bill's Records, at Southside on Lamar.



"Enjoy every Sandwich."

- Warren Zevon on The Late Show with David Letterman 10/30/02



AllGood Cafe Family & Friends hit their favorite swimmin hole on the Blanco River in the Beautiful Texas Hill Country for a cool dip ~ Monday, July 4, 2011.

I've got the BEST STAFF in the WORLD !!!



Come on OUT ! ... SEE & HEAR some GREAT Live Music.



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